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Why Koopal DEX?

Peer 2 Peer

Facilitating Peer-to-Peer offers and transactions without involving third parties.
Fiat Money Support

We support the most common fiat money and payment methods in the offers and contracts.
Fast and Secure Contracts

Koopal DEX guarantees the safety of global online exchanges via Escrow based contracts with trusted agents, Multisig wallets and Counos SSO (Single Sign On).
User Scores

We will analyze the user behaviors and calculate their scores within 1-5 stars to help you make a better decision.
New Offer Alarm

You can set an alarm on specific market to inform you when a new offer has been created.
Realtime Chat

Dealers can communicate with a fast and Koopal secure messaging infrastructure.

How it works?

1 Signing up at the website and authentication
after registration all users are issued a Mnemonic Passphrase, which is extremely important and will be used in important operations such as all withdrawals. Keep in mind that this passphrase is irretrievable, so make sure to store and keep it safely.
2 Creating a sale offer or purchase order using your user account, or buying directly from the already created offers.
3 The seller sends the cryptocurrency to the MultiSig wallet.
4 he buyer sends the money directly to the seller account.
5 Finalize the transaction
After making the transaction, the buyer uploads the receipt of the transaction on the website. Afterward, the seller will confirm that he has received the payment, so that the cryptocurrency held in the MultiSig wallet becomes free to withdraw. Since a MultiSig wallet is used, at least two private keys are needed to access the balance of the wallet and in this way the security of the trade is guaranteed.
6 Finally, the buyer uses his Mnemonic Passphrase to withdraw the purchased cryptocurrency and that is the end of the trade.
Market Size Price Minimum
CCXX / CCA iba_4310
9,800 CCXX
50 CCA
1 CCA = 0.02 CCXX
2 CCXX Buy
CCA / IRR ehs_3831
100 CCA
1,500,000 IRR
1 IRR = 0.0000006667 CCA
10 CCA Buy
CCA / BTC ehs_3831
101 CCA
0.0004 BTC
1 BTC = 2,500 CCA
101 CCA Buy
CCA / LTC ehs_3831
101 CCA
0.09 LTC
1 LTC = 11.1111111111 CCA
101 CCA Buy
CCA / USDT ehs_3831
101 CCA
1 USDT = 0.2 CCA
20 CCA Buy
CCXX / IRR far_23
19,255,600 IRR
1 IRR = 0.0000000519 CCXX
0.5 CCXX Buy
CCA / IRR hub_3202
20 CCA
1,749,998 IRR
1 IRR = 0.0000005714 CCA
20 CCA Buy
CCA / IRR hub_3202
99 CCA
1,980,000 IRR
1 IRR = 0.0000005051 CCA
10 CCA Buy
IRR / CCXX far_23
5,000,000,000 IRR
0.000000057 CCXX
1 CCXX = 17,543,859.6491228 IRR
10,000,000 IRR Buy
CCA / IRR far_23
1,000 CCA
1,534,000 IRR
1 IRR = 0.0000006519 CCA
5 CCA Buy

Search Offers in United States

Owner Market Amount Price
CCA / CHF 11 CCA 5.1 CHF
CCA / USD 11 CCA 5.12 USD
CCA / IRR 2.5 CCA 690,172.429808966 IRR
CCXX / IRR 0.4 CCXX 4,800,000.05066386 IRR
CCXX / IRR 0.4 CCXX 5,799,999 IRR